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Pasture raising our animals is an extremely rewarding process for us.  Its a way to connect our animals with the earth in a healthy and stress free environment.  When we are able to almost eliminate grains and introduce high quality grasses and nutrient rich soils, it produces an amazing tasting meat.  

When animals are able to roam free, it generates more oxygen in their bloodstream and creates whats called myoglobin.  The myoglobin is a mixture of water and proteins, which move oxygen to muscle cells.  Myoglobin has a very dark pigment, and that explains why our meats have a rich color.  You will find our pork is a darker red, similar to beef.  You will also taste the difference in our chicken.  It is a  tender and more flavorable meat like no other. 


 We use only a fraction of the grains that commercial animals are raised on, and it shows.  It yields a leaner, healthier meat, higher in omega 3, vitamin A and E and higher in beta carotene.   Your health and our animals remains a daily focus and a constant reminder of why we started our farm.

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