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Pork Menu
(Chicken available year round, Turkeys available for Thanksgiving.
Beef available, most cuts in stock)

All items are farm pick up only.  Please email (
or give us a call @ 860-538-2747 or 860-685-1050
to check
availability and to place orders.  Thank you for your support!

Heritage Pork
Bone In Chops (porterhouse cut) 
Smoked Bacon (with or without nitrates)   
Smoked Kielbasa   
Pork Belly
Breakfast Sausage 
Sausage 1.5 lb package Links  or   Ground
(Many sausage flavors to choose!) 

Country Style Ribs
Ham Steaks 
Boston Butt Roast
Boston Butt Steaks 
Picnic Roast
Spare Ribs 
Organs, fat (for rendering or sausage)

We have half and whole hog portions available year round, hanging weight plus butcher fees.  Average whole hanging weight is 240lbs.  Please call for availability or if you have questions about the process.

Non GMO Chicken and Turkey 

 Chicken available year round
Thanksgiving Turkey Waitlist available in June

Ask about our CSA


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