Pork and Chicken Menu

All items are farm pick up only, delivery is not available.  Please email, or give us a call to check availability and to place orders.  Thank you for your support!

Heritage Pork

Bone In Chops (porterhouse cut)   9/lb

Smoked Bacon (with or without nitrates)   11/lb

Smoked Kielbasa   11/lb

Pork Belly 8/lb

Breakfast Sausage 7/lb

Sausage 1.5 lb package (hot or sweet)  Links 12/pkg   or   Ground  11/pkg

Country Style Ribs 7/lb

Hams  fresh  6/lb  or smoked  8/lb

Ham Steaks 9/lb

Boston Butt Roast 6/lb

Boston Butt Steaks 8/lb

Picnic Roast 6/lb

Spare Ribs 7/lb

Hocks & Jowls  smoked  5/lb or  fresh  3/lb

Bones (for broth), organs, fat (for rendering or sausage) 1.50/lb

Rendered Lard (pint) $8

Lard is a great replacement for cooking oils and loaded with omega 3 and vitamin D

We have half and whole hog portions available year round.  The price is $4.50/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees.  Average whole hanging weight is 240lbs.  Please call for availability or if you have questions about the process.


non gmo and pasture raised

  Wait list available year round   

Whole Roaster  5/lb

Split (1/2 chicken)   5.50/lb

Cut Up (whole chicken cut into 8 pieces)   6/lb

Liver, Hearts, and Necks 1.00/lb

Fresh Eggs $5 per dozen

Dehydrated Dog Treats

Pigs Ears $2 each

Chicken Feet   $1 each     6 for $5      15 for $10